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Headphone Charts

  • 108,041+
    pageviews (2016)
  • 01:21
    avg. session duration (2016)
  • $316,472.19
    shipped items revenue (2016)

One of our clients had a bold vision to build a site dedicated to audiophile headphone reviews and rankings to essentially create “The Billboard Charts” of headphone reviews!

We built from the ground up, using a custom PHP framework, allowing them to add in new content effortlessly, which has allowed their organic traffic and keyword rankings continually improve.

Create Brief

  • 67,143+
    pageviews (2016)
  • 01:49
    avg. session duration (2016)
  • 15,889+
    briefs created (2016)

Create Brief was the brainchild of one of our clients, who wanted to provide the world with the first free-to-use, no-signup-required design brief, to help designers collaborate on projects more effectively.

Accident Firm

  • 10,140+
    pageviews (2016)
  • 02:01
    avg. session duration (2016)
  • 250+
    legal leads (2016)

We helped Vasilaros | Wagner (personal injury firm) build a website that helped victims find useful information and contact the injury firm with as little pain as possible.

The website and project had 3 main goals:

  • Work well on mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Provide an SEO friendly code and meta information
  • Collect leads with measured tracking and notifications

Lawyer Calculator

  • 4,322+
    pageviews (first 60 days)
  • 03:10
    avg. session duration
  • 16+
    legal leads per day

This project had a simple and clear vision “create a site committed to helping victims with a free injury settlement“. We built the calculator from scratch with the main goal being to make it easy on the victim to complete the form. We worked tirelessly to remove clicks from the calculator process.

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